Yosara Geerlings

Yosara is an international NLP trainer for professional growth based on personal growth. You discover with Yosara your structures in thinking that impact whatever it is that you are looking at. NLP training with Yosara for progress in personal and professional situations is life changing. You learn about innate qualities and ways to put those in to the world. Find out how to lead others by leading self.
Her journey in personal development that started in 1999 at the Dutch Academy for Psycho therapy, has taken her to places beyond imagination. Her programs are always made to measure for every delegate attending her programs. Learning continues, Yosara takes training with Sue Knight (international speaker and autor) every year. This way her sharing becomes more and more by the year. Yosara’s entrepreneurial mind and understanding of growth inspired the very successful online coaching company that she has built from scratch.

During PepTalks, she is the one who, through practical exercises, teaches you how to understand thinking patterns and how these affect what you do and don’t do. Her personal slogan: “be the cause, not the effect” got her to grow in to the leader she is today. And that is what she wants for you.

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