Christa Timmer

Christa is the example of someone who discovered her calling later in life but immediately followed up on her thoughts. Many wanderings around the world, many professions such as a croupier and sales trainer, Christa was always happy.  One day in 1998 she took an Aerobics lesson, after wich she felt more energy then she had ever felt before. Right then and there she knew she wanted to work with Aerobics in order to find out more about that energy. From there on, her life path began to show some bumps, the Aerobics teacher training turned out to be much heavier than she had expected. Pilates then arrived to the gyms in Amsterdam and that training was the inevitable continuation for Christa after the Aerobics teacher training. The Pilates training gave her a lot of insight into herself and physiques. Taking the Yoga teacher training afterwards, provided insight in the combination of philosophy and body posture, life became increasingly clear to her. Now Christa is the most requested female trainer Amsterdam, where she combines pilates, yoga, breathing and strength into her personal style.

Christa’s training helps people to optimally maintain their posture and contact with the body in order to feel energetic in any situation. Her characteristic humor keeps Christa and her students with both feet on the ground.

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