What do you achieve during the 2 days of PepTalks?

You find structures in your unconscious thoughts. You decide how to act rather then to re-act. During the training yo learn techniques to align your three core attributes (Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior). This enables you hear clearly what is being said and ask questions that evoke true answers, your message reaches its goal and both you and your surroundings will feel acknowledged in any situation. Ultimately, it changes the way you move in the world and how the world responds to you. You are more successful and may be happier in the moment.

PepTalks offers you the unique opportunity to learn NLP from the absolute experts in this field. In an intensive 2-day training you learn:

  • to expand your communication skills with “clean language”     
  • to lead in conversations     
  • to apply NLP models for personal growth     
  • appreciate feedback     
  • change a problem into a result

Day 1:

Find structures in your unconscious mind and see how that determines how you are in the world. Whether you want more of something or less; that is what you will get.

Yosara teaches you the NLP techniques to find and maintain your ‘flexible and decisive self’ in different situations. Every situation is different, flexibility and decisiveness result in super-fast personal growth.

Dr. Mittal tells you how he grew from a small boy without money from a village in India, to a business tycoon in New Delhi. During his story he guides the exercises that have brought him where he is now.

Christa shows how you tap into your energy through certain postures and movements that you can exercise anywhere.


Day 2:

Present your ‘new self’ to the world and get the results you want. You behave as a result of your conscious way of thinking. The results are tangible as a result of how you do what you do and how you communicate.

Dr. Mittal accompanies a meditation session that he applies himself daily and that contributes significantly to his success.

Yosara Geerlings and you take the next step that shows the effect of your personal growth in the world.

Anouk Brack presents an interactive session that teaches you how to relax under pressure.

Christa repeats the movement session that puts you into your energy. Now you can ask questions to Christa to fine-tune. Christa is happy to help you!


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