About Peptalks

PEPTALKS is an event for personal and professional growth that originated in Delhi from the ideas of an Indian business tycoon. Dr. Mittal is a self-made man, dedicated to motivational speaking based on his own life experience and NLP. From his international way of acting, he took the step to bring the successful Peptalks from Delhi to Amsterdam. After extensive research into NLP in Europe, his team ended up at Yosara NLP in Amsterdam. One of the team members traveled to Amsterdam, on the map with Yosara, Peptalks in Europe to put. On 12 and 13 October 2018, Peptalks will be the first Peptalks in Amsterdam, on European soil. Yosara Geerlings graduated in 2005 from the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam. At the academy she learned everything about NLP and developmental psychology for 4 years. Yosara will focus on Peptalks Europe and NLP in South Africa and Delhi in the coming years. Yosara is convinced that with the 2-day sessions of Peptalk Europe, she can help many people to activate their unconscious thinking structures for a successful life.

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