About NLP

NLP (ie Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a set of techniques that inspire you to look at language and communication to gain insight into your subconscious thinking processes. That way you get grip on your own functioning and insight in that of others. This results in a successful and purposeful way of living and working. NLP started to take shape in America in the 1970s, when a group of people studied the Modeling phenomenon, or: how do you learn from successful people and how do you apply what you learn on yourself and bring that to the world. About a of dozen basic methods have been developed that bring about profound effects. You may think of NLP as a model for learning and growing. The names Richard Bandler and John Grinder are often mentioned, but in fact the group that developed NLP was significantly more numerous. Now, 40 years later in time, many people have made NLP their own, according to Yosara, the purpose of the model has been pulled some what out of its seams. NLP is something you train by appliying it regularly. Yosara knows better than anyone that at least 10 years of experience with NLP prior to facilitating training is essential for quality NLP. She walks her talk and trains NLP based on her extend experience and professional growth.


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